Saturday, November 14, 2015

Snow Capped Mountains of Flagstaff, AZ, to Camp Verde, AZ

11/9/2015. Monday.  “How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!”, John Muir.  As we left the Homolovi State Park in Winslow, we still had clear blue skies with departing glances at snow covered peaks and Humphrey’s Peak.  What a beautiful sight! 
Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 024Mountain low-poly style illustration Stock Photography

We had this wonder sight in front of us all the way to Flagstaff, and even through town.  The mountains got closer and bigger with even more beauty under a clear blue sky.  My camera was just clicking away the entire time.  I just loved seeing the snow!  There is just something about beautiful snow capped mountains that touches my soul and I never tire of seeing them. 

Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 035Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 041Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 051Snow Mountain Royalty Free Stock Photo

We wanted to stop in Flagstaff at a small military campground off the interstate, but it had already closed for the season.  So we turned south just passed Flagstaff and said goodbye to our mountain view.  A few days before we left Albuquerque, Flagstaff had 9” of snow and we saw indications of that as we headed South on I-17 over the mountains and through the forest.  We both remarked that it was probably a beautiful sight when the snow fell.  Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 055 Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 058Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 060Hares in the snow Stock Image

From tree covered mountains, we wound up back in colorful bluffs.  Just as pretty but totally different landscape. 

Camp Verde thru Flafstaff 063

We’re back!  We have stopped here several times going back and forth to southern AZ.  We had reservations for 6 days at the Krazy K RV Park in Camp Verde.  It was a good thing!  The park was completely full and even the overflow areas were full.  There are right many ‘seasonals’, but I don’t remember it ever being as full as was.  Must be the time of year and the price is certainly right.  One month is only $385 and that includes utilities.  No wonder people stay here for long periods.  We used Passport America and our 6 days was only $120.  Can’t beat that and we will probably stop here again.  I borrowed this picture from friends who stopped here a week or so before we did.  This old timey truck was still around, and as my friend said, he pulls a fifth wheel with it.  Cute! 

Vermillion Cliffs to Camp Verde AZ 099Mesa and Camp Verde Aprl 2015 01456 Ford medium duty


  1. I can so relate to the feeling you have seeing the snow on the mountains. The park was full when we were there too.

  2. I can so relate to the feeling you have seeing the snow on the mountains. The park was full when we were there too.